The Ruckus Room

Denvers newest music practice space

A multipurpose music space with room for up to 12 musicians at one time! The Ruckus Room can be used for band practice, rehearsals, recordings, video sessions, and more! 

Personalized to meet your needs

Jungle Ruckus Studios offers a more personalized approach than other music spaces. We only have the one room available for rent so you don't have to worry about outside noise from other bands playing!


We offer a more private and productive work environment with a multimedia office, lounge area, kitchenette, and more!

Fully Backlined

The Ruckus Room features multiple options for PA systems, drum kits with or without cymbals,  bass amp, guitar amp, with plenty of microphones for both vocals and instruments, mic stands, music stands, keyboard stands,  auxiliary percussion gear, video equipment, and more! 

Pricing model

We offer a different pricing structure than other practice spaces.


All hours are pre-paid and scheduled on a first come first serve basis over the 24hr schedule. Hours can be used in segments as low as one hour at a time. The hours you pay for belong to you and will rollover until they are used. For more details please contact us!

24 hour scheduling!

Please contact Management for current Ruckus Room Pricing and Services!


3893 Steele St. Denver, CO 80205

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