Jungle Ruckus Presents

"Live Music Solutions"


Jungle Ruckus is more than just a production company. We offer what can best be described as 'live music solutions".

This term "Live Music Solutions" describes our mentality as a company to not just sell you a service, but offer a solution to problems that frequently occur in the "jungle" of a music industry. 

What kinds of problems are you facing with your event planning? 

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Live Audio Solutions


Jungle Ruckus is dedicated to providing the local Denver music scene with the  highest quality solutions at the lowest possible prices.

Full Backline


We can provide the equipment you need to run a successful and efficient event. We can service rooms, and venues of all shapes and sizes including outdoors.

House Band

Did an artist cancel on you last minute? Need a specific style of music for your event? We can provide a full band of talented musicians and artists that can fit many different occasions. 

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
Have a problem that wasn't listed? Let's brainstorm together!

Rolling Ruckus "Pop Up Staging"

Custom event stage packages designed and priced to fit your specific needs! 

"Live Music Solutions"

Our services can be applied to many different settings, which are listed below.

Private Parties


Themed Shows



After Hours

Office Parties