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"Weird Drum and Percussion music"

Ruschmobile is a drum and percussion duo featuring two long time best friends, Rick Van Patten and Alex Eversbusch. Freshman year of high school the two began jamming together with nothing but a basic loop pedal, Busch on Didjeridoo, and Rick on Djembe. Rick and Alex both went on to be in many different bands throughout the years. In college the two were the foundation of the psychedelic rock group Lazy Locomotive, who later went on extended hiatus. Currently Rick and Alex live in different states but still make music together remotely through the power of the internet!

Debut album "Here" is here!!!

Here is a meditative instrumental album focusing on being present, here, right now. The project began in March of 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak. The tracking was done in multiple different quarantined locations and worked on remotely. 

"Here" is available to be streamed now

in it's entirety

For a limited time!

Digital Download