Problems (2020)

 A Crowdfunding Studio Album Project

Benefitting Multiple Bands and Artists from The Denver Music Scene

Friends and Family,


We need your help! Right now is a tough time for gigging musicians who don't have any gigs to play...While there are no gigs to play.. there is still music to be made! I am confident that we will see a renaissance of new studio music inspired by everyone's worries, woes, and PROBLEMS.


I have enlisted the skills of my friends and some of Denver's brightest most talented musicians to help me finish this album. The album is titled, PROBLEMS, and will feature members of The Jauntee, The Sweet Lillies, Brothers of Brass, Sarah Mount & the Rushmores, Envy Alo, and Strange Dame. 

Tyler Adams

John Loland

Caton Sollenberger

Scott Ferber

Becca Bisque

Julie Gussaroff

Dustin Rohleder

Armando Lopez

Sarah Mount

Bonnie Utter

Callie Morrocco


These musicians were hit hard by the pandemic and it is my goal to pay them well to help me finish the album! The funds will be used to compensate the above artists generously, as well as cover, Production, Publishing, and Digital Distribution Everyone who donates will receive presale Digital Download of the new album (PROBLEMS) sent to their email when it is finished!


We are doing this as "Pay what you can" , any amount you can spare helps the cause!I am offering my previous albums as compensation for those who donate more!


$5 or more - Digital Download of Problems (August 2020)

$20 or more -  Digital Download of RVP Discography including:Creature (2016), Isla Criatura (2019), Here (2020), Problems (2020)


Once you make a donation we will ask for your email so we can send you the downloads!


all questions please send to


Thank you so much for your support! With all the love I know how to give,


Rick Van Patten


P.S. - If we hit the fundraising goal.. I will CUT MY OWN HAIR.. on Facebook LIVE...

The Campaign is Live on Facebook but you can donate however is more convenient for you!


Donate to the Cause Today and Receive Digital Downloads!





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Donate $5 or more and receive a Digital Download of Problems (August 2020)

Donate $20 or more and receive a Digital Download of Rick Van Patten's Discography

Problems (August 2020), Here (June 2020), Isla Criatura (2019), Creature (2016)

****Make sure to give us your email address when you donate so we can give send you the downloads!


Denver, CO 

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