The "Law of Attraction" with Roni Zagoria

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Roni Zagoria is a singer, pianist, songwriter and band leader living in

Denver. She leads multiple bands, notably Zagriculture and Femistry, and

performs solo as part of her “Pajammin” live stream series. She is a true

creative powerhouse behind the keys and on the mic, while also being an

incredibly warm and genuine community leader. This spring’s quarantine

and shut down of live music forced her to pivot to streaming as a

practical necessity and that success is now translating into opportunities

that Roni intends to direct towards her bands.

On Wednesday July 15th we spoke about her creative process and approach to leadership.

Throughout our discussion the idea of community participation rooted in

genuine passion for music and people was omnipresent. This passionate

approach to being a resource to the Colorado Music scene, more than any

other principle, seems to be the driving force behind her success as a solo

artist and band leader.

The correlation between an effective band and a family is perhaps so

common as to be overstated. However, that association has never been

more appropriate or relevant with Roni in charge. In our discussion the

concept of creating an embracing and constructive environment for the

people and their creativity was central. This approach goes well beyond

her Southern lineage and speaks to the integrity of her intent, building

genuine and lasting friendships with her team.

( Photo - Ali Jay Multimedia) (Field Day Music Fest)

Over years of leading, the jam/ rock band Zagriculture, a culture of family has united the team in the pursuit of a unified goal. That goal being creating engaging, period

defining original songs. Growing community on any level requires a lot of

service and sacrifice born of passion and tempered by consistency; these

acts are often overlooked but are what drive any healthy group dynamic.

Zagriculture has been Roni’s long-term project, and the prime space to

execute her approach to team building and idiosyncratic creativity.

Over time there has been a maintained focus on nurturing the individuals involved in the team, and this is especially true for new additions. Practice makes perfect, or darn close, because the group executes their exemplary sound with solidarity and intention.

The band navigates through a blend of alternative rock, funk, jam, and more, balancing

innovation and familiarity in an incredibly visceral sonic experience.

The future looks very promising for Zagriculture with plans that include studio

time and integrating the live band into the streaming environment.

Femistry is a recent all female super group formed in honor of National

Woman’s Day. The group includes Roni, Jessica Holloway, Jami McNeill,

Alana Dym, Sarah Mount, and they are a supergroup of talented and

assiduous musicians bringing action to the idea of ‘women helping

women”. Recently they were featured on Rocky Mountain Virtual with

more performances in discussion.

(Denver Loft Sessions)

One of the most captivating things about Roni to me is her song writing

approach, which has the ability to be familiar while also being radically

unique. The focus on genuine creation and original compositions is

something I relate with and appreciate. Similarly spreading support and

fellowship in an effort to connect with genuine people is another effort

worthy of validation. Building and maintaining a team capable of success

and longevity takes a lot of sustained effort and dedication.

Trusting in the “Law of attraction” to bring the right people and pieces together is

often easier said than done. These efforts reflect the passion and

attention to detail that Roni applies to music, and I am very excited to

see where it will take her next.

written by Ross Sandlin

Jungle Ruckus Productions

(Blog Cover Photo Credit - Charla Harvey)

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