Stories and Adventures with Luke Story (Float Like A Buffalo)

The live music industry is in a unique situation with lots of upheaval throughout the local and national scenes. Successful artists are growing, keeping busy, and taking risks by diversifying their outlets. Luke Story is an excellent example of this approach, by sourcing influence and guidance from a diverse community of friends, peers and family. He is drawing from extensive experiences while curating an approach to live music that puts together the right combination of influence and guidance. On Thursday, July 30th, I sat down with Luke Story to talk about his band Float Like a Buffalo, his solo “Loop Story” streaming sets, talk shop about music gear, influences and the general state of music before and during the Covid shut down.

Luke has an extensive background in music including drum corp in High School, earning a degree at “Metro State”*, teaching High School Marching Band, and over 5 years of experience performing dueling piano after meeting Jami McNeill at Charlie Brown’s Piano Bar. Through these experiences, he has built a deep personal relationship with the unwritten rules of music performance and composition.

(Luke Story , Photo by Alyssa Montano)

One such experience includes his visit to Amsterdam with nothing but clothes and a trumpet while traveling around, playing pick up gigs. This experience provided an opportunity to reconnect with music emotionally through extensive reflection.

Luke also leans on the experiences of teaching music and leading marching band, where accepting the goals and limitations of the opportunity were vital to achieving the goals set each year. All of these experiences have helped him to take the time to understand the how and why of music; that simple music has rules and they matter.

Luke plays trumpet for the Denver based funk band, Float Like a Buffalo, while also writing and arranging their horn parts. Before the Covid shutdown, the band had an extensive tour cut short. They are now leading the charge with a variety of socially distanced performances.

At the beginning of Luke’s collaboration with Float, the parts and music “seemed to write themselves.” The overall chemistry was very natural and organic. The addition of horns immediately defined the sound and became an integral part of the bands dynamic appeal. Recently, Luke has also been delving into the sonic world of looping and Ableton. These solo “Loop Story” streams draw heavily from his Dueling Piano experience, allowing for great song selection and pacing during the set. This is in addition to crowd sourcing insight, direction from notable Denver DJ’s and producers, and direction on gear and workflow.

What drew me to talking to Luke is his hard work and community approach to music. Upon

our discussion, I found him to be a relatable and affable person that deeply honors his

relationship with music. It is evident to me that Luke has a deep connection with music that

has been tried and tested throughout his life. By sharing that value with students and music lovers of all ages he is providing a very honorable and valuable service. With lots of live music in his future, I know that he will continue to be a fixture in the Front Range music scene and beyond. If you are interested in catching a set, his Fall schedule includes more shows with Float like a Buffalo and “Loop Story” solo streams.

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written by Ross Sandlin

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