New Tunes with Old School Vibes, FINE ZEN by Brant Williams

Let's be honest... there are a million wannabe music producers trying to make a name for themselves, and get on those "heady festy bills"; Brant Williams is NOT one of them. Brant is a phenomenal guitarist/multitalented musician who plays in several projects around the Denver Music Scene!

When you kick on his new Ep, Fine Zen, you immediately get a warm nostalgic feeling of 90s hip hop, that brings you back to a more simpler time. A time... before dubtronic robot spacefarts, and before whatever the hell else the kids are listening to these days.

Brant's new EP is taking us back to the roots of music producing with tight beats, and smooth grooves. This is the kind of music that is good for the blood pressure and good for the soul. The Denver Music Scene is blessed to have such a genuine talented musician making beats and producing tunes!

(Artwork by Jacob Kuperman)

Give it a listen and follow his pages! Links below!

Fine Zen by Brant Williams







written by Rick Van Patten

Jungle Ruckus Productions

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