Jungle Ruckus welcomes Ruby Hill to the family!

Jungle Ruckus Productions would like to officially announce that another awesome local band has joined the family.

Ruby Hill is a 4 piece band based in Denver, CO. The band was formed in 2018, Comprised of:

Evan Johnson (Guitar)

Zach Peele (Bass)

Ross Kaufman (Keys)

Hough Johnson (Drums)

I had a chat with Evan about how the band came together and he laid it out for me. Basically Evan and Hough knew each other through mutual friend Zach Peele. Zach happened to be Evan's boss at work and Hough and Zach were childhood friends.

Evan and Hough ran into each other at a Primus show at Red Rocks. The two bonded over the weird high energy funk music and a conversation came up about how they should start a band. Shortly after, they got together with Zach and started making some noise.

The band knew at that point they should find a keyboardist to fill out the sound. They tried a few different people out but nothing clicked until Ross came into the picture. They were introduced to Ross through mutual friend Collin. Ross sent over a video of him playing "Morning Dew" by the Grateful Dead, and he quickly became the obvious choice.

The band got their start playing shows at local Denver hot spot Your Mom's House. They started out on weeknights playing to crickets and quickly worked their way up to headlining slots with a sold out room. At this point the band started to get noticed by other promoters and have since started playing everyone's favorite small room, The Otherside at Cervantes. They recently played a packed show there with Sqwerv and phun Phish cover band, Runaway Gin.

The last gig they played before the COVID-19 Pandemic decimated the music industry.. was at Your Moms House to a packed house where close friend and collaborator Bonnie Utter sat in on some choice covers. They claim it was one of their best shows they played and they are glad they could get one good one in before all the shutdowns.

I asked Evan what the band has been up to during the Pandemic and he noted how they have still been practicing safely together. He says they have some new songs in the works and they plan to begin working on their debut studio album as soon as possible! They will be working with us here at Jungle Ruckus Productions going forward to bring you new music and when the world comes back from the social distancing we can start booking some shows again!

Ruby Hill Website - Facebook - Instagram

In the meantime everyone stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane!

Much Love,


Jungle Ruckus Productions


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