I reckon it's time to hit the studio..

Right now is a very difficult time for musicians who rely solely on gig + merch money to fuel their bank accounts. The idea that we might not be able to play live shows for potentially up to a year or longer is terrifying. If they don't find a vaccine or safe way to have folks gather for live music then we are going to be scratching our heads for a bit longer than anticipated....how is this going to work?

I think right now is a very important time for musicians to hone in on their studio skills. Create, Create, Create!!! Some musicians have a mental block about getting into the studio and they think everything they record has to be a freaking masterpiece. Well.. let me tell you.. that is not how it works....

"Failure is the key to success...." - everyone who has ever succeeded....

You need to be prepared to fail. Like a skateboarder who beefs on trying a new trick 100 times before getting it right. The skateboarder in the process gets bloodied up, bruised, mentally distraught.. but he/she prevails by nailing the trick eventually!

Take this approach the studio. You will not write a masterpiece if you are not comfortable in your own skin. The listener can tell if you put your soul into it. You might write something you don't like at first.. you might even throw it away like a bad drawing.. well tough luck.. pick up the pencil and start sketching again. Now you have one extra way of how NOT to do something. This is valuable experience that no artist is above no matter how talented you are.

here is a trick for my fellow musicians for abstract writing:

get a buzz.. however you may do that.. clear your mind....

plug in and get your levels right... don't think about what you are going to play..

press record... play the first thing that comes to your mind.. again.. don't think about it.. just lock in with the metronome...and go from there!

Listen back..

Don't think about what something NEEDS to sound like. Think about what you WANT it to sound like.

Don't like what you hear? Save it just in case.. and try again.. and again.. and again.. until you're giving yourself goosebumps because you are so proud that you found a sound you finally like! Next thing you know you are sharing it with your friends and on your way to creating something unique and beautiful!

Don't ever stop being creative!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy! Much Love Peeps!


P.S. - Don't overlook the egg shaker ;)

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