"Feeding the Momentum" with Blake Mobley

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

If you have been active in the Denver live music scene, you are probably already familiar with Blake Mobley, an amazing keyboard player and song writer. He has been living and working in the Denver area since moving from Baltimore around 10 years ago. His extensive experience dates back to early touring with groups like Basshound and Damn Right!, which afforded the opportunity to face “the ropes” of tour life. Significant personal projects include Tiger Party with close friend Ashley Niven and Casio Cats. He has also worked in production for large music festivals including All Good, hosted residencies at notable Denver clubs like Ophelia’s and Local 46, and extensive collaborations with heavy hitters. On Wednesday, September 16th, we sat down and discussed his past, present and future in the music industry.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, Blake has been working on a streaming project, “Coffee & Synths”. At the beginning, there was a focus on sending the “right message” about staying home and contributing to the well-being of the community. By studying innovators in the field, he has developed an engaging and professional experience. The focus was to provide a “morning meditation” on Sundays that revolved around improvisation. Also, there was an emphasis on bringing something more to the streaming format. This was accomplished by developing a deeper relationship with the tech involved in production and engineering. By using OBS to control everything from visuals and camera selection, Blake is pushing his boundaries within the medium.

Blake has an impressive background in collaborating with the best and brightest. He has worked with Seven Arrows featuring David Murphy and Cris Jacobs from The Bridge, as a co-writer. This also includes frequent collaborations with members of Lotus, The Motet, Eddie Roberts and Bernie Worrell. A community focused approach is also reflected in hosting several residencies and open mics. Notably he ran the open mic at Local 46 for over 3 and a half years. During our discussion, Blake reflected on the challenges and blessings afforded to him while hosting these events. In the end, there was profound gratitude for the opportunity to work through these obstacles and offer the community a needed outlet.

With the venue's unfortunate closing, he will be hosting a “Blake & Friends” set as a final goodbye.

Blake has kept very busy during a time of upheaval and uncertainty. This determination is incredibly venerable. Being able to reflect on one’s journey and then implement those lessons is something very valuable in any field. What I find most striking is his emphasis on maintaining a positive impact on himself and those around him. The sincerity and generosity that was omnipresent in his attitude towards work is nothing short of inspiring. I really enjoyed my time spent chatting with Blake and I anticipate more great music in the future.

THIS SATURDAY!!!! Blake & Friends goodbye to Local 46 on Saturday October 10th.


4586 Tennyson St

Denver, CO 80212

United States

This article was written by Ross Sandlin

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