Drive-In Concerts Coming to Colorado!

The recent Coronavirus Pandemic has decimated the live music scene this year. In the last few months we have experienced for the first time in recent history: ALL GIGS ARE CANCELLED?!?

Many folks have been having similar ideas of ways to enjoy live music in this time of social distancing and quarantine. Most bands and musicians have turned to LIVE STREAMS to create content during these trying times. We are looking for any answer we can to solve the problem, which is a severe lack of live entertainment.

We need LIVE entertainment in whatever fashion we can get it. If we have to wear masks to concerts until there is a vaccine we will.. if we have to get temperature tested before we go to a show at Red Rocks.. we will..

We the people of the LIVE Music Community will adapt, evolve, and overcome adversity. It is inspiring to see some local Colorado Bands taking initiative to create a unique experience that meets the current social and legal guidelines.

It was very unfortunate for the Magic Beans there annual festival "Beanstalk Music and Arts Festival" was forced to be cancelled due to the Pandemic. Instead of calling it quits we have seen some improvisation from these folks to put together an event on the fly.

Beanstalk: At the Drive in will take place at Holiday Twin Drive In up in Fort Collins, Colorado. This will be the first Drive in Concert taking place in Colorado and we are for sure going to expect a very unique experience.

It seems that the producers of the festival are taking every precaution to make sure this event will be safe and run smoothly. We can expect a sold out show with fans coming from all areas of Colorado. There are multiple bands playing the event including: The Magic Beans, Cycles, The Kitchen Dwellers, Envy Alo, and The Great Salmon Famine.

These local favorites are sure to put on a good show and we can expect the bands to be basking in the glow of playing to real life humans in a crowd of cars. I personally have extremely fond memories of going to the Drive-In Movies with my family when I was younger. I can't imagine it will be a bad time. I will be there hotboxing the truck and enjoying the sweet sounds of some of Colorado's Hardest Working Bands!

written by Rick Van Patten

Check out the Facebook page for the event: HERE

Tickets are most likely sold out.... but there might be a re-release here: TICKETS

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