Denver Based Music Producer - Arias Goldanloo with FLOATGOAT & TANTOK

Arias Goldanloo is a bassist, producer and sound engineer living in Denver who performs in FloatGoat. Previous to the quarantine, Arias was running sound at Dime Denver, while working on performance and recording projects. Since then he has been busy with many projects, most notably Tantok his new electronic music that he describes as “Smooth Electro”. Tantok has several releases this year including “OZ” and another new single scheduled for release Friday June 12th “Good Disguise”. He has also been busy participating in live streams including a collaboration with Nick Guzzo of Shared Views that was re-played by Rocky Mountain Virtual Festival. On Monday May 25th, I sat down with Arias to talk about his strategy for releasing and promoting his single “OZ”, and his perspective on the present moment in music.

Tantok is a project that has been in development for around a year and already has an extensive single release schedule. The first release “Berlin” was discovered by German record label “Jendex” through Label Radar. This opportunity helped Arias reach a larger audience and community. Having label support also helped him improve his overall production by providing a source to use for A & B mastering. “OZ” was released on Monday April 24th and was inspired by the devastating fires in Australia earlier this year. The marketing and promotion of “OZ” was influenced by the “Berlin” release. Arias tracked listener engagement that was generated by working with Jendex. He was then able to identify responsive market segments in Europe and South America by tracking listeners on Spotify. This approach is leading to greater interest and engagement with a larger and more diverse audience.

Arias’ workflow in the studio revolves around using Ableton for production and Protools for mixing and mastering. Throughout this project Arias feels that he has finally found his creative voice which he describes as “House” “Deep House” and “Techno”. Smooth and danceable “OZ” is driven by funky percussion, retro synth leads, and deep bass. Shelby Smith produced the official music video which opens with some beautiful black and white coastal scenery. The video collaboration was originally intended for the “Berlin” single, but was changed due to time considerations. Arias has also been busy with live stream performances including FloatGoat’s live stream from SharedViews that was also replayed by Rocky Mountain Virtual. These experiences have been a “fun” and “awesome” way to maintain and grow community while keeping the music going. Upcoming streams include a Party Guru sponsored stream with dual performances from FloatGoat and Tantok on July 29th.

Clearly the experiences and growth of the last year have helped Arias make the transition from independent releases to gaining label support. This is now positioning him as a leader to new producers making that same transition. Gaining momentum by reaching new audiences and embracing the transition of the “new normal”, Arias is modeling one successful path for creatives in our current music market.

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