"Creation through Curation" with Leah Concialdi

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Denver is fortunate to be so filled with unique and industrious creatives, each working to blaze trails and contribute to a robust musical community. Among those artists are a select few who bring new levels of hustle, grind and passion to the game. Leah Concialdi is certainly among this tier and has been setting standards as a musician and publicist for some time.

On Thursday July 9th, I had the opportunity to speak with her about the multiple roles and outlets of service she contributes to throughout the Denver music scene.

While contributing Public Relation and Communication expertise to both Color Red and Knew Conscious, she is also a veteran of the live music scene within Colorado’s front range and beyond. Leah is an example of bringing multiple passions and pragmatism together into a balanced effort that brings people together and makes creative dreams a reality.

📷: Kyle Cooper of 303 Magazine

As director of PR and Communications at Color Red, Leah works to provide a quality and consistent end user experience. Color Red, for those who don’t know is the “Non-record label”, run by Eddie Roberts of the New Mastersounds, based in Denver. This brand has been supporting artists with everything needed to release and promote music today and has cultivated a consistent brand identity and vibe. This “vibe” is an incredibly diverse cross between retro 70s soul/funk/jazz and modern electronic and dance music.

The vision and goal at launch was to provide touring “super groups” an outlet to collaborate and record original music while touring through Denver. Star Kitchen is a supergroup, featuring members of Disco Biscuits, that demonstrates this approach. They have a highly anticipated new single that drops on Friday, July 17th so be sure to keep an eye and ear out for that. The ultimate vision and goal is to curate a collection of really high quality content that keeps listeners engaged while diversifying their sonic palette.

Leah is also the director of PR and Marketing for Knew Conscious a dual art gallery and venue that hosts some of the most in demand after parties in Denver. This 501(c)(7) nonprofit operates as a private social club requiring membership dues, this allows them to host late night events. Kurt Redeker is the founder and visionary behind the space, and is also close friends with Leah. She described the friendship as being very deep, profound, and based off of a mutual passion for the arts and creation.

Photos taken from Knew Conscious website

This social club has established a reputation for having exciting and in demand after parties hosted by popular touring and local groups. The late- night communal experience is catered towards people in the service industry and provides an optimal social hub for people to connect through art. They have also started live streams with multiple cameras, lights, professional sound and some of the hottest electronic artists in Colorado.

The role of Publicist is one that Leah has taken to naturally; with enthusiasm and ingenuity. It combines writing skills that were prominent in school, with the practical approach of doing the jobs others avoid. Integrating diverse skills with a healthy dose of hustle is a fundamental principle that directs Leah’s role in the Denver Music scene.

She has a prolific list of bands and projects where she plays a variety of woodwind instruments. This list includes Tnertle, Nouveau Riche Band, and the afrobeat group Atomga and many more.

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Photo by Jarred Media

Among these the band Atomga is clearly her closest personal project, as they have been maintaining and spreading the legacy of afrobeat with authenticity and tenacity throughout Colorado and beyond. They’ve been working with Eddie Roberts and Color Red on a number of studio releases including their most recent release “Zenpocalypse”, which was released on April 24th 2020. Eddie also worked on their single “Lucidity” while using the iconic Antibalas recordings as a reference to dial in the perfect production and sound.

Music is at its best a function of community and expression, and pioneers in the field have forged a union between skill and practicality in their service to this principle. Leah is a shining example of facilitating all the right pieces and people in an environment that is supportive and nurturing to creation and expression. This to me is the meaning of creation through curation, providing the practical and esoteric elements necessary for creatives to reach and interact with their audience. Leah uses this fundamental principle as a guiding and grounding force creating a path to opportunity and success for herself and extended community. I anticipate nothing short of excellence in all her endeavors and look forward to seeing more of her influence throughout the Denver music scene.

written by Ross Sandlin

Jungle Ruckus Productions

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