Billy Strings Releases a Talk Show!

Let's be honest.. everybody loves Billy Strings. He is friendly, funny, and down to earth humble. Billy has been hanging in quarantine life like the rest of us and as he is missing on the tour life he seems to have found a new project.

"On The Line" with Billy Strings is a new talk show/podcast featuring some in depth conversations with Billy and his fellow musician friends.

All the touring musicians are on the struggle bus together right now, with no gigs to play in the foreseeable future.

These conversations feature Billy chatting with friends such as Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon), Sam Bush, Larry Keel, and more coming soon!

Billy is such a humble and positive light in the music world and it is great to hear his perspective on life during the pandemic. We can't wait for more great conversations during these strange times! Thank you Billy for being so cool! We will get through this and we will get to see some Billy Strings shows again hopefully sooner than later!

Click Here to visit Billy's New Website:

On the Line with Billy Strings


Facebook Page

written by Rick Van Patten

Jungle Ruckus Productions

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