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Rick Van Patten - Drums

Mike Lindsay - Bass

Thomas Alden Watts - Guitar

Cory Snethen - Keys

Launch Base was originally a 3 piece rock band formed in Denver, CO. Originally the 3 members met in Athens, GA where they were immersed in a thriving competitive music scene. Mike Lindsay and Rick Van Patten together played as 2/5 of Lazy Locomotive building an arsenal of originals and likable covers. The two played music with Brent Bolde back in Georgia under several different roofs. 

Separately the 3 members moved out to Colorado over the years where they reunited to form Launch Base. After Brent moved back to Georgia, Launch Base enlisted in the help of Thomas Alden Watts (aka Fee) to shred the 6 strings. At this point the group was welcomed by the warm presence of the beautiful and multi-talented Chloe Elsass. Chloe will help bring more soul and passion to the Launch Base experimental sound that will forever change and develop as the we fight for our right to express ourselves.

There are no limits to the amount of musical exploration that can be achieved with a strong friendship. The roots of this band are a foundation that cannot be broken. "Passengers of Earth, Sit back and Take a Ride"


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Launch Base @ Globe Hall
Globe Hall
Launch Base @ Diebolt Brewing
Diebolt Brewing

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