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Based in Denver, Colorado
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Rick Van Patten 

Recorded at Beyond the Infinite Multimedia Studios in Denver, CO (06/2016). All Parts of Creature were tracked and recorded by Rick Van Patten.

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Isla Criatura
Rick Van Patten Band

Recorded LIVE at Camera Jams Studios in Denver, CO (10/2019)


Rick Van Patten (Drums)

Josh Gendal (Bass)

Thomas Alden "Fee" Watts (Guitar)

Cory Snethen (Keys)


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The debut album from new drum and percussion duo featuring Rick Van Patten and Alex Eversbusch, arranged and deranged by Bonnie "Strange Dame" Utter.

Released 8/3/2020

by Rick Van Patten
Featuring members of The Jauntee, The Sweet Lillies, Brothers of Brass, Envy Alo, Sarah Mount, Strange Dame
Released 8/27/2020

Rick Van Patten (Lead Vocals, Percussion) 
Tyler Adams (Keys)
John Loland (Electric Bass)
Caton Sollenberger (Electric Guitar, Banjo)
Scott Ferber (Drums)
Becca Bisque (Viola, Vocals)
Julie Gussaroff (Upright Bass, Vocals)
Dustin Rohedler (Acoustic Guitar)
Sarah Mount (Bari + Alto Saxophone)
Armando Lopez (Tenor Saxophone)
Bonnie "Strange Dame "Utter (Vocals)
Callie Morrocco  (Vocals)
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Pink Moon
by Ruschmobile
Featuring Studio Tracking by 
Rick Van Patten
Alex Eversbusch

Released 5/17/2021
Shade Tent Skeletons
by Rick Van Patten
Featuring Studio Tracking by 
Rick Van Patten

Released 6/3/2021