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The 3 P's of Live Music Solutions

Planning - Promotion - Production

Live Music Solutions

So what are "Live Music Solutions"??

This term "Live Music Solutions" describes our mentality as a company to not just sell you a service, but offer a solution to problems that frequently occur in the "jungle" of a music industry. 

What kinds of problems or obstacles are you facing with your event?

Flexible Payment Planning
Digital social media
Event Planning


We can help bring your idea to life! We have a large network of industry professionals and other organizations that we have worked with for years!

Event Promotion


We can help create the content you need to brand and promote your event. Wether it be graphic design or other multimedia content, we can create it for you!

Event Production


From start to finish, we will help you produce an event that you are proud of. We will see it through to the end of the final encore, beyond the clean up and community follow up!