Baked Guy Blues

"cannabis and Choice Covers"

Some call it reefer, some call it cannabis, marijuana, ganja, grass, or dope. One thing is for certain, most musicians love to get high!

Jungle Ruckus Presents

A brand new video series featuring a random assortment of musicians performing cover songs while "Baked", or under the influence of Cannabis.

Episode 001 - Blaze On, By Phish (Cover by Rick Van Patten)

Episode 002 - Save Your Soul By Jewel  (Cover by Rick Van Patten)

Episode 003 - Anna Lee by Laurelyn Dossett  (Cover by Rick Van Patten)

Stay Tuned for more!

Episode 004 - Row Jimmy by the Grateful Dead  (Cover by Rick Van Patten)

Episode 005 - Brokedown Palace by the Grateful Dead  (Cover by Rick Van Patten)

**we do NOT own any of the rights to the music performed in these videos. They are covers and all credit is given to the original artist**


Denver, CO 

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