Jungle Ruckus Productions

Born in Athens, GA - 2012 

Incorporated in Denver, CO - 2018 


Denver Based Independent Record Label


Multimedia Music Production


Live Music Solutions

The Music industry can be a jungle sometimes... 

Jungle Ruckus is dedicated to providing  "live music solutions".

What are "live music solutions"?

"Live Music solutions" is a way of describing the concept of our services. 

We don't just sell a service that fixes one problem.

We sell solutions to many different problems you might incur in the music industry jungle. 

Event Planning




Live Music Production

Audio Engineering

Artist Booking

Social Media



Artist Domain Hosting

Electronic Press Kits

Website Design and Construction

Studio Promo Sessions

Music Business Networking and Consulting

Non-Profits + Fundraisers

+ More! 

Our Policy

Part of our main policy at Jungle Ruckus is to adapt to new and unusual situations. This means that we are willing to hear what your needs and concerns are, and our goal will be to come up with a viable solution. Our business model is to expand our services based on the needs of our customers.


Denver, CO 80205

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